My name is LaShawn A. Williams and I am the Presiding Judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 3. I was born in Conroe, Texas and I am the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. As the child of an Army soldier, my family traveled the world as my dad served our great nation. When it was time to come home, I established my roots in Houston, Texas.

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Prior to taking the bench, I had 23 years legal experience, including former prosecutor, in-house counsel to national restaurant chain, counsel to several non-profits including religious entities and housing development companies. I also have legal experience representing a metropolitan transportation organization and interests of its union members. Additionally, I’ve worked with state government overhauling its state healthcare system. I was a co-founder and partner at Baldwin Williams & Associates where my practice there was primarily civil litigation in employment discrimination and contractual matters, and limited probate/estate matters. I have practiced in state and federal courts, as well as courts of appeal.   I am the former owner of a woman-owned construction management company and law firm that both received W/SBE minority certifications. 

My career has been rich and diverse, representing the interests of many on both sides of the aisle.  This strong professional experience allows me to have the understanding and genuine perspective needed to respect wholly each party before me, and to interpret, honor and uphold the letter and spirit of the law.
I graduated from Thurgood Marshall School of Law at Texas Southern University in May 1995, and I am licensed to practice law in Texas and Tennessee.  I decided to run for judge in 2017 because Harris County needed judges who appreciate what is at stake for the average citizen, our families, our small businesses and our communities in this very diverse county.   Harris County needed judges that would interpret and uphold the law honorably and do so with professionalism and the utmost respect for all who appear in court. I am glad I answered the call, and I am honored to serve.

Harris County is the third most populated county in the nation with very diverse communities.    Every day our four county courts at law impact the lives of Harris County citizens because these are the courts that hear the real-life daily challenges we all face. Some of the types of cases that come before county courts at law include eviction appeals, property disputes, contractual disputes, collections, personal injury cases, and appeals from justice courts. Often people come to these courts without an attorney. The parties, with or without an attorney, that stand before the court, must be assured that their case will be heard by a neutral, impartial, fair-minded judge...one that abides by the code of judicial conduct, and honors the rule of law. This judge should possess and exercise patience, open-mindedness, objectivity, care, and respect for rule of law, integrity, honor, and legal competence. I approach the bench daily with the intent to serve by these qualities.  I have demonstrated these qualities in my legal career and over the past few years on the bench. The COVID pandemic has tested all of us; and now more than ever we need judges that know how to balance empathy and compassion with the administration of justice by Rule of Law.

I am honored to be your judge of Harris County Civil Court at Law No. 3. and look forward to serving the extraordinary families, communities, and businesses of this great county of Texas!

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Judicial Limelight: LaShawn A. Williams

From the moment she was named, LaShawn A. Williams was destined to be a lawyer. Not only did her mother give her the initials LAW, she was so determined about her daughter’s future that while hospitalized in late stages of breast cancer, she asked their pastor to make sure her daughter fulfilled the dream. Williams earned her degree from Thurgood Marshall School of Law in Houston, then moved to Nashville, Tenn., where she joined the District Attorney’s Office. Her career would range from prosecution to criminal law to appellate practice and in-house counsel at restaurant chain Cracker Barrel, which still holds a place in her heart.

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